Partner with a Properties Lawyer in Columbus, OH to Create a Transfer on Death Affidavit

In Ohio, you can avoid probate on real estate if you have an affidavit prepared naming the beneficiary or beneficiaries. The Law Office of Matthew A. Schwartz can properly prepare your transfer on death affidavit, as well as other real estate-related affidavits.

Attorney Matthew Schwartz is a versatile properties lawyer with over 15 years of experience.

His office is located in Columbus, OH and he is able to assist clients with real estate matters throughout the state of Ohio.

Get Reliable Legal Support from the Comfort of Your Own Home

All of our real estate law firm’s services are offered virtually using tools such as Zoom and DocuSign. Matt can provide you with personalized service without requiring you to visit our office. He assists clients with a wide variety of real estate matters, including: 

Transfer on Death Affidavit: Used to pass real estate property to beneficiaries without going through probate. 


Affidavit of Facts Related to Title: If you got a divorce and changed your name, an Affidavit of Facts Related to Title would allow you to reflect that name change on your property title. 


Affidavit of Survivorship: If you own property jointly with someone else and they pass away, you will need an Affidavit of Survivorship to update the title. 

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