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At The Law Office of Matthew A. Schwartz, you can partner with an experienced real estate contract lawyer to help you navigate your situation.

Attorney Matthew Schwartz has over 15 years of experience practicing real estate contract law.

That includes preparing, reviewing, and negotiating a variety of real estate contracts. He can potentially save you thousands by reviewing your contract, performing a title search, and helping you obtain title insurance. Matt’s office is located in Columbus, OH and he serves clients throughout the state of Ohio. 

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A land contract is a legal agreement used to purchase real estate through seller financing. It’s similar to a mortgage, but instead of making payments to a bank or lender, the buyer makes payments directly to the seller. As a seller, using a land contract can provide you with more flexibility and allow you to sell to buyers who do not qualify for a traditional mortgage through a bank or lender. As a buyer, a land contract can help you purchase a home despite poor credit history or other factors that make it difficult for you to get a mortgage. 

A title search ensures that the property is free and clear of defects such as claims, judgements, unpaid taxes, outstanding mortgages, etc. If you are getting a mortgage through a lender, you will be required to get a title search. If not, it is still necessary to ensure you won’t have these types of issues with the property.

Title insurance protects you from defects that may not show up in a title search. A contract attorney at The Law Office of Matthew A. Schwartz can apply for title insurance on your behalf. 

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